Q & A

When did you write your first book?

I wrote my first novel in 2003. It was a disaster that took me a year to write. I'm glad it will never see the light of day. It was fueled with the passion to write. I learned about the technical and the research involved later.

How do you come up with your story ideas?

Anything and everything gives me inspiration. The news. Stories of what people do for a living. I love to people watch and hear how people talk. It's all inspiring. My neighbor getting a new job as an executive chef was the inspiration for One Hot Night.

When do you find time to write?

That's a great question. I'm always amazed at how I find time to write. I'm so not a morning person. I don't function before eight a.m. My children go to school during the day which is where I find most of my time.

Are you anything like the heroine in your stories?

I'm sassy and mouthy like my characters. I can be quick witted but surprisingly naïve when it comes to things I've never heard of before. I've had to google things I've heard on the television because I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone. I usually confess it to my husband later and we get a good laugh out of it.

Give us an example of something.

I don't watch Jeopardy but I watch TMZ. TMZ was talking about the wrong answer to a question someone gave. The answer was supposed to be rabbit punch but the guy said donkey. Of course, TMZ couldn't exactly say what it was and there was no one around to ask. . .I was shocked that my husband had heard of it.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

I love seeing my characters come to life. It's the most satisfying thing in the world. I also love the flexibility it gives me to be a stay at home mom too. My three boys have medical issues, so it gives me the time to go to doctor appointments and talk on the phone with medical professionals.


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