Thursday, September 10, 2015

Release Day!!! Prisoner [Gladiators of Gelvek 2]!!!

Morning friends!! So sorry to be blogging this late. The electrician was here and the power was on and off for a few hours. Older house equals lots of time rewiring. There is an end in sight to the rewiring. We have half the kitchen and part of the living room to do and then we'll be done!

Today, is my release day for Prisoner. This is Kelin's story. I think you'll love it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope everyone is having a great day! And THANK YOU for buying my book!!! It means the world to me.

Happy Reading!


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Back Cover

Available Thursday 10th September
What would you do if gladiators held you prisoner?

It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Trevor Sley’s job is to save the world, and he’s failed. All quadrants will go dark in six months. After working a long night, Trevor is accused of murdering his missing roommate, Hunter. With no choice, he runs … right into a wormhole.
Kelin is a seasoned gladiator who sees a human cross through a wormhole. Defying the Elite, he goes after the imprisoned male. He’s going to need this human to milk his venom after fights or he could die from the toxicity. Will the male obey willingly or will he have to chain him?

Life on Gelvek is dangerous. Trevor quickly discovers that he needs Kelin to survive. Despite their intense attraction, he is afraid of the gladiator. Will his gladiator live or will he lose him and their unborn child in the arena?
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot alien gladiator sex with males from Earth and male pregnancy.



The alien’s command sent a shiver down his spine. He slowly eased out of his jeans and torn shirt. The room was cool and made his nipples pebble hard. He saw the way the alien looked him up and down as though he were interested in what he was seeing. He was well muscled from years of working out. As the water started to fill the tub, the alien turned back to it and added something to the water.

“Get in.”

Trevor did as commanded and sat into the water. He felt all his aching muscles ease. The alien looked at him, pouring something into the water that made it even hotter. Trevor sighed, easing his hurting muscles into the water. To his surprise, his cock got rock hard, sticking up over his abdomen. The gladiator looked at his cock as it swelled against his abs. Embarrassment had heat moving up over

Trevor’s neck. He couldn’t remember any man looking at him that way.
He was a man used to his privacy and this felt so invasive and oddly arousing. The alien went over to the wall, got a soft cloth and came back. “Here. For you. I will be in the other room when you’re finished.”

Trevor was disappointed when the alien left. He wanted him there. He wanted him to watch. He wanted to feel the alien’s gaze upon him as he stroked his cock off hard. That thought had him running his hand down his abdomen and over his swollen prick, giving it several stroking pulls. Before he could help it, he was lost in the feel of his hand slowly twisting and pulling up and down over his prick. He moaned softly and heard it echo within the room. He bit his lip, trying to suppress the urge to groan a second time.


He liked the sound of the alien gladiator’s name upon his tongue and wanted to hear it again. He moaned a second time, biting his lip and trying to keep from being too loud. The water sloshed against the tub. Before he could stop it from happening, he heard the alien enter the room.

“Are you all right?”

He froze when he saw what Trevor was doing. He licked his lips nervously. His animalistic eyes looked as though they were unsure what he was going to do. “Are you in need?”

Trevor bit his lip. He was so far off the edge that he nodded his head once. The gladiator rushed across the room and pulled him up out of the water, giving him a hard kiss. The heat of his forked tongue moved across his mouth. He tasted exotic, pure and raw. Sensations rushed through his body as he felt the alien’s big hands grab his ass and pull him against his body. It was all too much.

The feel of his cock rubbing against the soft fabric of the gladiator’s clothing nearly sent him over the edge.
Kelin reached down, stroking his cock several times. Trevor loved the feel of it vibrating in his palm. Trevor grabbed powerfully onto the alien. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. Kelin stroked him harder and harder. He picked him up, swinging his legs up into his arms. As he did, the alien’s mouth descended upon his cock and sucked him in hard. The feel of his cock disappearing into the alien’s mouth was too much.

“Slow. I’m going to come.”

A moan vibrated through the gladiator’s mouth, sending vibrations down his cock. It was all the pressure he needed. As Kelin sucked, Trevor came hard. His dick pulsated roughly, sending wave after wave of jizz down the alien’s throat. Kelin moaned, sucking wildly as though he was surfacing from a long time in the desert. He groaned, taking all of him in deep.

End of Excerpt

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chained [Titan Year 5]

Hi, friends!

Chained [Titan Year 5] released today! I'm super excited to share this book with you!

Happy Reading!!

Buy on Amazon! ARe! Barnes & Noble! Luminosity Publishing!

What would you do if an alien impregnated you?

Prince Tavek Salvin has been captured by his brother. Caged and tortured, he’s been released into the mountains to be hunted. The first person to bring his head to his brother will earn breeding rights with a male from Earth.

NASA scientist Ryan Kodiak has been sent to Puerto Rico to find out why his co-workers are vanishing. It’s not long before he discovers that they’ve made contact and those aliens have returned. Forced to fight for his freedom, Ryan convinces his captor to let him participate in the hunt. His only chance of survival is to find the prince before anyone else does.

Tavek has spent his life making mistakes. A virgin, he is desperate to find love and never expects to fall for the male who intends to save him. The only chance he has at an heir is to secretly impregnate this male and to run from this world. Will Ryan forgive him when he finds out what he’s done?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot alien sex with a male from Earth.


Sweat dripped from his brow. The aliens were catching up fast. Ryan pushed through the trees, racing down the hillside toward the stone ruins. There were caverns below them. An intricate system of tunnels that he could be lost in for months. He grabbed at the crumbling rock entrance that was probably once a wall as he turned the corner.

Part of the stone wall gave way, falling to the ground. He slipped, losing his glasses. Fuck. Everything further than two feet ahead of him was blurry. Practically blind without his glasses, Ryan headed for the entrance just as he saw one of the aliens jump over the rocks. Ryan raced into the tunnels, enveloping his entire body into darkness. He receded into the tunnels, using his hands to guide him. After running deep and far, he wanted to hunker down but knew he couldn’t. The aliens would find him. With no choice in the matter, Ryan was forced to calm his breathing and wait to see if they followed. They were coming. He looked around wildly, trying to see better in the dark.

There were pits twenty feet down in the middle of a ritual site. He saw them on one of his hikes a week ago. With no choice, Ryan climbed and slid down into the pit, grabbing onto loose rock where he could. He hid within the darkness. Fear locked every one of his muscles down as he listened to the sound of their footsteps coming closer. They weren’t heavy but almost soundless—like a tracker. Fear took over Ryan’s mind as he looked up, watching and waiting for any sign of the aliens. He thought he heard the aliens move away.

A chill raced through his blood as he heard the sound of their voices. The deep cadence sounded like something exotic and raw. There were pauses as though he were listening to someone on a communication device. Fuck him. Ryan looked up, searching for any sign of the aliens, but everything was blurry. He squinted as he looked up at the ruins above him. The smooth stone surrounding him felt suddenly like a coffin. He’d gone deeper into the pit than he had expected to go. The first hold was two feet above his head. There was no way he was getting out of this pit without help. He was fucking screwed. The alien’s voice echoed. Laughter suddenly carried through the ruins as though he were laughing at something someone else had said and that fucking terrified him.

Without warning, a whip-like device snaked down into the pit, locking around Ryan’s waist. He was hauled up at a violent speed that gave him no time to react to what was happening. He came face-to-face with the alien who held him captive. A sneer enveloped his lips at his victory. He was the prey and this animal was going to take him now that the hunt was over.

End of excerpt!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Release Day for Rival [Gladiators of Gelvek 1]!!

Dear friends,

I've always been fascinated by gladiators--the rivalry--the fight. There's something really sexy about a man or alien who uses his body to make a living. I hope you enjoy reading Rival as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm currently working on book two.

Happy Reading!


Buy Here at Luminosity Publishing Or On Amazon or ARe!

Rival [Gladiators of Gelvek 1] Available to read on May 27, 2015!!


Would you leave Earth for an alien who wanted you?

It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Gage Smith works for the government, trying to figure out how to save his dying world. After a quadrant fails, Gage loses hope—that’s until he figures out a way to harness the lightning storms that plague Earth and opens a wormhole. He lands on the planet Gelvek where he’s found by a trafficker.

Yorn is a gladiator who has taken over his brother’s contract. After he fights, he needs his venom milked from his stinger or he could die from the toxicity. That has him meeting with the trafficker to see if he’s found a male able to take his venom without dying. He buys Gage.

Gage is sold into slavery where he quickly falls for the brutal gladiator who owns him. Despite his lust for Yorn, Gage knows he needs to find a way back home. Can he save his world and his alien lover before it’s too late?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of alien sex with a human, including forced seduction.


Gage was shoved into the room where the chains were locked down above his head. The position forced him onto his knees. He looked up at the muscled gladiator in front of him. It was the first time he saw worry and concern in his eyes but was it for him? Gage held still, fear making his heart race as the gladiator pulled down the cloth covering his cock.

It wasn’t the alien’s cock that held him captive. It was the spot two inches above his prick that caught his attention. There was a bulge there. A small dime-size scale, covering the spot retracted, revealing what at first looked like a stinger, but there was no point on this stinger. It grew bigger and longer like a nipple, but it didn’t stop growing there. It elongated, and the tip sharpened into a point. The gladiator lifted Gage’s chin, caressing it gently as pain filled his eyes. Gage let his gaze move past that stinger to the alien’s huge cock that was semi-hard.


The translator whispered the word into his ear. Knowing that he could die, Gage couldn’t bring his lips to that stinger to suck the venom out. He shook his head ‘no,’ pulling away.

“Please suck or I will die.”

Gage didn’t understand why the toxic venom would kill the gladiator. Sweat dripped down from Gage’s brow. His cock was hard from fear. He wasn’t often afraid for his life, but when he was, he always got hard. Pre-cum wept from Gage’s tip as he leaned forward, licking the underside of the engorged stinger into his mouth and trying to avoid that sharpened point. The chains rattled as his entire body shook. Gage wrapped his hands around the chains to keep his body upright. Despite his terror, he sucked roughly on that venomous tip, making the gladiator moan. White-hot venom ejaculated over his tongue. The steady thin stream stung his mouth, making Gage’s eyes go wide. The venom was sour, stinging his tongue.

The juice slipped past his tongue, sliding down his throat. Tormented by this alien and his last moments living, Gage used his teeth to bite the stinger, causing the venom to stream harder into his mouth.

The alien slid his hand behind Gage’s head, threading his fingers into his hair. “Yes. Keep going. Bite if you need to.”

Unable to move from the gladiator’s strong grasp, he sucked harder, hoping to get it over with as fast as he could. A rush of heat fired through Gage’s belly and throat as he struggled to breathe. His heart was racing. His blood was pumping. He was so close to coming. He didn’t understand how or why but he wanted to fucking shoot his spunk if it was the last thing he ever did.

The alien reached down, grabbing Gage’s cock roughly. The heat of his silken palm made him moan with desire as he pumped his dick in and out of his big hand. He stroked it up and down in a way that no man had ever touched him. Gage moaned as he sucked the venom faster. The alien reached his long fingers lower to rub his perineum as he stroked his cock. Without warning, his orgasm spun up from his balls, tightening down his prick. He was rock-hard in the alien’s palm as he shot his spunk.

Without warning, the fountain he drank from shut off. The gladiator’s hand loosened on his prick, and Gage fell back with the chains holding him up. He gasped for air as though he were surfacing from drowning as the gladiator pulled his clothing back up. Gage’s eyes watered profusely as he stared at the gladiator in front of him. The trafficker came back with a wild gleam in his eyes.

“How did he do?”

The gladiator smiled. “He’s still breathing. I’ll take him.”

End of Excerpt!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Now Available For Pre-Order!!

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Pre-Order Here

Back Cover:

What would you do if an alien wanted you?

As the Torrent’s commander, Ezekian Rewn has a secret he’s been keeping since the day he came out of the tanks. He doesn’t carry eggs. He carries sperm. Keeping the secret has meant a life without companionship. Everything changes the moment he sees an Earth male for the first time. He wants him.

Bartender Dean Montero hasn’t seen his brother Jaxon in years. When he shows up unannounced at his bar with two men, Dean knows something is very wrong. Jaxon tells him an unbelievable story of contacting aliens and pleads with him to go with them. Should he go?

With the Royal Guard after them, Rewn is forced to make sacrifices that will impact the lives of everyone. With Xand’s twins on the way, Rewn is caught between his world and the male he loves. Rewn must choose only one.

Reader Advisory: This book depicts really hot alien sex and male pregnancy.

Publisher note: This is Book 4 in the Titan Year story. While each book is standalone, there is a story arc continuing throughout the whole series.


Rewn used his size to intimidate Dean, walking in close until the male had no choice but to back up against the wall. The cool steel of the ship was pressed up against Dean’s backside. Rewn grabbed the link of chain between the male’s wrists, twisting his hands up in those links. He pulled them up high, hooking Dean’s hands to the knob along the wall used for hanging his uniform. Dean’s eyes went wide as Rewn lowered himself so that they were eye to eye. Dean’s hard prick brushed against his uniform, leaving a long smear of pre-cum. Rewn licked his lips, remembering the taste of his salty sweet jizz on his tongue. He wanted to drink every last drop of him down.

“You don’t want to play this game with me. I’m not someone you can mess with,” Rewn said.

Those defiant eyes flared. “I’m not afraid of you. Take what you want from me.”

Temptation had Rewn locking his big hand around Dean’s hard dick. He never expected the male to be so deliciously hard. The males of his world were harder on the inside. What would it be like to take him in his shaft? The connection would be powerful. He knew that without a doubt. As a Turitan who carried seed, he wouldn’t be able to come with this male inside his shaft, but he’d figure out a way around it—later. Yes, much later. First, he wanted another taste of this male’s seed.

Rewn stroked his hand up and down Dean’s prick, watching as he arched up into his touch, bucking his hips and slapping his ass cheeks against the wall. He tilted his head back against the wall, closing his eyes as his breathing became labored. With his free hand, Rewn reached out, locking his left hand around the earthman’s neck, feeling the quick pulse of his racing heart. Dean’s eyes went wide with fear, but he quickly relaxed as he realized Rewn meant him no harm. Rewn needed release, but he couldn’t let go of Dean to free his pounding dick. The tip of his cockhead flexed open in search of the prick that Rewn gripped tightly. It was like a snake he couldn’t control and he didn’t want to if given the chance.

With every stroke of Rewn’s hand up and down his shaft, Dean moaned. When Rewn pressed his thumb against his tiny slit on his cockhead, a strangled cry of pleasure released from Dean’s parted lips. It was all the permission Rewn needed. He grabbed the male’s ass with both hands, lifting him up off the ground. He stared down at his hard dick as it pointed upward.

“Oh, God. Suck me!”

Rewn tightened his hold into Dean’s ass cheeks as a groan of pleasure twisted from his parted lips. He leaned down, licking his tongue across the hard ridges of his cock, making it weep in sweet surrender. Rewn looked up at the male. His breathing was labored as he struggled to keep from going over the edge.

“Suck me! Please!”

Sweat glistened his skin, marking Rewn’s uniform. He could no longer hold out and needed Dean. He opened his mouth wide, sucking Dean in tightly. He took him all the way down his throat, loving how tight he felt. How perfectly he fit.

End of Excerpt.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Release Day for Captive [Titan Year 3]!!

Hello friends!

Today, Captive [Titan Year 3] releases. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. I'm currently working on book 4 and 5 in the series. Happy dance!!

Okay, back to the writing cave!
Have a great day everyone!


You can purchase it at, ARe, or!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Captive [Titan Year 3] is now available for Pre-Order!!

Hi friends and loyal readers!

Captive [Titan Year 3] is now available for Pre-Order! I'm super excited to share this story with you! You can Pre-Order/purchase it on Amazon or directly from my publisher!

Happy Reading!


Adult Excerpt

“You sure you want to do this?” Xand asked.

“Bring it. I’m not afraid of you.”

Xand circled around, using his size to intimidate him. “You should be.”

Jaxon’s heart pounded. “Give me a reason to.”

Xand came in close, picking him up and rushing him against the wall and pinning him there. Jaxon’s breath let out in a great whoosh as his hard dick pressed against the alien’s chest. “Is this reason enough? I can break you.”

A moan escaped Jaxon’s parted lips as he reached between his legs, stroking his throbbing prick. “I want you to break me.”

Xand’s eyes went wide as he realized what he was doing. “You don’t want to tease me, male.”

“Why not?”

“I’ll have you right here and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

Ignoring his threat, Jaxon muscled his dick out of his pants, rubbing it against the silky smooth feel of his warm sweat. The alien groaned, tightening his hold on Jaxon’s ass cheeks, using his long fingers to press against his rim. “If you have me, you have Kevin too. We both want you.”

The alien cursed in his foreign tongue. Jaxon was quite sure he was going to drop him to his feet but he didn’t. He gripped his ass tighter, making a moan of pleasure escape his lips. Pre-cum leaked from his aching cockhead. It waved just below Xand’s wide mouth and firm lips. What sounded like a war cry exploded from Xand as he lowered his hungry mouth down onto Jaxon’s prick. He swallowed his dick, sucking hard. Jaxon cried out, arching into his touch as Xand sucked him so hard his balls bounced up and down. His tongue was rough as it pressed and licked out, willing him to come before he could stop it from happening.

Lost in his sex-fogged mind, Jaxon opened his eyes to see Kevin crossing the mats with his right hand locked onto his dick through his pants. “Kevin!”

Xand moaned, licking his way off of Jaxon’s prick. He lowered Jaxon to his shaky feet. “You made a mistake by challenging me.”

Jaxon’s heart was racing as Xand ripped off the rest of his clothes. “Fuck.”

“Let go of him!” Kevin yelled.

A groan rippled through his chest as Xand grabbed hold of Kevin pushing him to the mat and tearing off his clothes. Kevin’s eyes went wide as Xand’s hungry mouth locked onto his dick and sucked hard as though he was a drug he was desperate to have. Kevin’s eyes rolled back into his head as his hips betrayed him and bucked wildly. Jaxon watched in wide-eyed desperation, stroking his dick as he watched Kevin’s hard prick disappear down Xand’s throat. The man had the ability to swallow them whole. The memory of that rough tongue on Jaxon’s cock was shoving him out over the edge.

A moan escaped his lips as he fell down onto the mat next to Kevin, grabbing him by the hair and kissing him passionately. Kevin opened his mouth wide, shoving his tongue over Jaxon’s parted lips. Strong hands locked around Jaxon’s dick. It didn’t take long for him to realize it wasn’t Kevin’s hands. It was Xand’s. The tip of his thumb rubbed over his cockhead, making Jaxon go crazy. He broke his mouth away from Kevin’s.

“I’m close.”

A whimper of need tore through Kevin as Xand broke his mouth away. “Fuck.”

Xand kicked his pants away and grabbed hold of Jaxon, positioning himself above him so that their cocks lined up. To Jaxon’s disbelief, he saw the tip of Xand’s cockhead slit open and suck his hard prick inside.

“Oh, fuck.”

Warm hot heat surrounded Jaxon’s dick as he watched his cock disappear into Xand’s body. His eyes locked with the alien’s as his prick went in tight. Xand’s face was twisted up in raw pleasure as Jaxon started to pump his cock in and out of his alien lover. Jaxon reached for Kevin, stroking his cock. Xand moaned, grabbing for Kevin’s prick with his mouth. The tip of Jaxon’s cock hit something rough deep within the alien. It felt so fucking good to rub that spot, he aimed for it every time he pumped his dick.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bestseller Award-Luminosity Publishing~ Contact [Titan Year 1]

Morning friends!

It has been busy. We're moving and getting all the little details organized has been a challenge. :)

I wanted to share with everyone that Contact [Titan Year 1] won 2nd Place 2014 Bestselling Award with my publisher Luminosity Publishing. I was super excited to see this novella do so well. I've followed it up Captured [Titan Year 2] which is available now for purchase. I'm excited to see all the great reviews for the books. It's nice to see everyone enjoying this series as much as I am.

I'm currently in the editing stage of Captive [Titan Year 3] and writing book four!

Okay, I'm off to hit the writing cave! I hope everyone has a great day!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Captured [Titan Year 2] Releases Today!

Morning friends! Today is my release day for Captured [Titan Year 2]! I'm really excited about this series. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Happy Reading!



Back Cover:

What would you do if they captured you?

As the Titan’s second-in-command, Luse Cohen has no choice but to follow orders. That order is to bring more males back to his home world to mate with the Royal Family. He picks three to take back, but one triggers a wicked hot attraction inside of him he never felt before.

While investigating the disappearance of his friend from NASA’s satellite research facility, Dr. Fallon Regan discovers that an alien life-form has taken him. Face-to-face with the alien, Fallon feels an intense fear and fascination he can’t deny.

Caught between his past and future, Luse must make a choice between the man he loves and the world he comes from. All the while hiding a secret that could get both of them killed.

Will he love Fallon, or will he hand him over to the Royal Family to be used?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of sex with aliens and anal sex. Male pregnancy.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Flogger Award Nomination for Training Evan [Hard Hits 8]!

Morning friends!

I am very excited to announce that Training Evan [Hard Hits 8] was nominated for a Golden Flogger Award in the LGBT category for Best BDSM Book of the Year! It is an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award given by the BDSM Writers Con. I'm still pinching myself over the news! I will keep you posted as this exciting event unfolds!