Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why I Write...And Write...And Write!

Why I write...

This blog piece was prompted by a family (out law) member who asked me a somewhat strange question at my latest book signing. What are you doing here? I’m here for my book signing. No, but what are YOU doing here? I laugh uncomfortably at this point and look around to see if anyone is listening in on this. *frown* Well, I’m a romance writer. I’m confused. This is a signing aren’t you supposed to have books? *smile* I do. I have twenty-two books out right now. I still don’t understand what YOU’RE doing here. At this point I inwardly sigh.

It’s unfortunate but you get these types of questions as a writer. God help them if you don’t fit in the box they want to put you in. You’re the wrong, odd one they can’t control and they’re confused by what you’re doing there! Most see writing as hobby. You can’t make a living out of a hobby. I’m on my way to making a living out of it. My writing pays for my television, my car, my vacations, my extras. It’s not a hobby. It’s a job I go to every day. I spend twelve hours, sometimes more...working and researching. *grins* I used to think that there was something wrong with me but now I realize that when you’re successful people don’t know how to handle you. They’re afraid of you. They’re intimidated by you. They’re shocked by what you do!

I write to free the voices in my head. I was in sixth grade when I discovered that I was a writer. I see my stories as movies that play out in my mind. My characters have their own voices and characteristics that work on the page. BTW...I practically flunked writing my sixth grade year. We were given daily writing prompts that made my mind shut down. I recall it clear as day. Explain what keeps the lid on the jar. I write several lines that went something like this. There’s a ramp that goes around the jar and the lid screws on. LOL...the teacher went on to point out the prodigy writers in the class who got it right! So and so had a monster keeping the lid on. *snort* My sixth grade teacher was the first one to tell me I was a terrible writer. I can give you a laundry list of reviewers who HATE my work. I can give you another list of readers who LOVE my work. I chat with readers every day who love what I do. They’re one of the many reasons why I write. Thank you for buying my books! :o)

Back to why I write...I always have a story going on in my head. I must free the story to go on to something else. I discovered that I needed to write when my oldest was diagnosed with severe food allergies and EoE. I needed something that was other than the medical to hold onto. I worked for years as a social worker but due to my boys’( all three were eventually diagnosed with EoE) medical issues, I chose to stay at home to keep tabs on all the medical.




It’s who I am.

No one understands the road less traveled more than the one who is walking, running, skipping, dancing down it! If you have bystanders on the sidewalk of your road, they’re either throwing rocks at you or cheering you on. Either way, I won’t stop writing what I love. I love to write about gay men who fall in love. *happy sigh*

Happy Reading!