Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Reveal for Tracking Jase [Wild Wolves 2]!

Morning friends! It's a lovely spring day here in Cincinnati. This month I am celebrating my two year anniversary writing for Siren Publishing! :) I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Today, I'm sharing with you my latest cover for Tracking Jase [Wild Wolves 2]. This book releases on June 14th. My birthday! :o)

Back Cover:

When Jase Chambers starts having blackouts and waking up naked within the Black Forest, he knows something is very wrong. After seeking out help from his brother, Maddox, Jase believes everything is going to be okay—that is until he wakes up in the forest after another blackout. Disoriented and injured, Jase knows he’s in trouble.

Werewolf Brand Foster’s passion is protecting the wolves of the forest. When a new shifter goes missing, he must find him before the wild wolves do. With little time on his side, Brand goes on the hunt. As a Dom, Brand knows he can protect Jase, if he finds him, but will Jase submit willingly to his protection or will he have to tie him to his bed?

Jase is very aware that he needs help while he transitions. When a big bad shifter comes into his life, he knows the only option is to submit. Will he?

Happy Reading!

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