Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sexy cover reveal for Training Grant [Hard Hits 9]!

Morning friends! I received my cover for my latest book. Training Grant [Hard Hits 9] is out mid April! I'm super excited about this book! I've planned on writing ten training books. I've had several readers ask me about why I'm ending the series. I know I'm going to need a box of tissues next to my desk as I write book ten. I'm in love with all of my heroes in the training books. *sobs* So, back to my reader question. Why am I ending the series? I have a new series I'm working on that will have just as many sexy law enforcement officers as this one has! So, don't fret too much! My next series will focus on interrogations! I can't wait to share it with you!

Here is my cover for Training Grant [Hard Hits 9]!

Back Cover:

After years of searching for his father, Grant Anderson travels to Cincinnati to confront him. He discovers it isn’t easy walking away. Grant doesn’t plan on staying, but he can’t leave without finding out why his father never wanted him.

Detective Jack Shallow has been sidelined by an injury. As he heals, Jack is forced to rely on his coworkers for help. When he meets Grant for the first time, he’s instantly attracted to the man. Jack is a Dom and only wants Gant as his sub.

Grant can’t deny the attraction he feels for Jack, but he knows he can’t stay. When his father offers him a reason to stick around, Grant accepts his offer. As his attraction for Jack intensifies, Grant quickly discovers that Jack is a Dom who wants him as his submissive. Will Grant say yes or will he run from what he feels for Jack?

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