Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cover Art for Trainging Kemper!

I wanted to share with you my cover for Training Kemper [Hard Hits 7]. Training Kemper should be on pre-order later this month and releases November 30th with Siren!

Back Cover:

When a high speed chase goes wrong, Lt. Kemper Morrow’s night on patrol goes from situation normal to all messed up. The night before his SWAT testing, Kemper is critically injured in the line of duty. As his injury takes him out of the game, Kemper can’t pull himself back together.

Sgt. Shawn O’Leary sees a broken officer before him who he knows he can save, if Kemper is willing to accept his help. He’s not willing. That’s okay with Shawn. He loves a good challenge. Refusing to walk away, Shawn knows he can build Kemper back up.

As Shawn gets closer to Kemper, he finds himself falling hard. Shawn is a Dom who only wants Kemper as his sub, but can he break a man in who is broken down? With Kemper’s career on the line, Shawn takes a chance and crosses the line. Will Kemper trust him and hand over complete control?

Happy reading!


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