Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Training Nathan [Hard Hits 6]!!! Pre-Order Now!!!

I'm super excited to share that my latest training book is now available for pre-order! Training Nathan [Hard Hits 6] is scheduled to release September 28th!!! Thanks for following along. I absolutely love this story. I fell in love with Reed instantly. I hope you do too!

Back Cover:

Detective Nathan Stow is new to District Four’s elite department. On his first night out with the team, Nathan messes up big time. He arrests Chief Anderson’s son and mistakenly hauls him in for interrogation.

Department of Defense instructor, Reed Anderson, is finally home to face his past after a long time away. He never expects life to be turned upside down by the devastating, Detective Nathan Stow a few hours after returning home. Reed is a Dom who is tempted to take Nathan as his sub.

Nathan can’t hide how he feels about Reed when they are together, but he knows that the chief’s son is untouchable. When Reed confronts Nathan about those long looks he’s casting, things rush out of control with a fiery kiss. Nathan has fallen for Reed, but he knows they can never be together. Will Nathan tell Reed how he feels before it’s too late?

Pre-order Training Nathan [Hard Hits 6]HERE

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