Saturday, September 28, 2013

Contest Fun!

To celebrate my release of Training Nathan [Hard Hits 6], I'm having some contest fun today!

We're playing Caption This Photo. The caption that makes me laugh the hardest wins! It's just that easy. Have fun playing and no hair pulling!

If you can't wait, you can buy Training Nathan HERE!

Have a great Saturday! The winner of my contest will be posted on my blog tomorrow!



Sally Klingaman said...

Im going hunting, Wabbit season opens today!! Where is that rascally Wabbit?
Oh no its Elmer Fudd!!!! I don't want to be Wabbit stew.

Anonymous said...

Run Coco!!! Run!!! Lol...

Jennifer Denys said...

Yep, this bed will suit me just fine..... So where are you going to sleep?