Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Cover!

My cover for Training Cole [Hard Hits 5] came! I'm super excited about this book. I love Cole. My release date is set for July 20th! Be sure to swing by my blog for some contest fun that day!

Back Cover

As an American Sign Language interpreter and certified expert in nonverbal communication, Cole Vanstone’s job is to facilitate communication for a SWAT instructor. Life suddenly changes when he’s thrown into a SWAT standoff as lead negotiator. Forced to make a call in the field he’s unprepared for, Cole knows he’s in over his head.

Master K-9 Officer and tactical instructor Bane Duncan’s job is to train Cole for future SWAT interactions. Bane quickly discovers that there is nothing ordinary about Cole. He’s smart, sexy, cocky, and completely alone. Bane is a Dom and he wants Cole as his sub.

Cole can’t hide how he feels about Bane when they are together, but he’s not about to make the first move. One fiery kiss leads to an affair that spins both of their lives out of control. Cole has fallen for Bane, but knows they can never be together. Will Cole tell Bane how he feels before it’s too late?

Happy Reading!


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