Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabulous Friday!

Today, I'm across the pond visiting my friend Jennifer Denys' blog! We're discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being owned by one's pet rabbit. I can tell you it's not an easy life. This morning, Coco kidnapped me and wouldn't let me leave his room! He kept running around me and trying to get me to stay. Of course, I did stay and play with him for a really long time, but each time I crept toward the door he chased me down! It was touch and go there for a while. I wasn't sure if I would have to call for help. :o)

This is Coco. This is his house. He owns me.

Jennifer's Blog!


Jennifer Denys said...

Hahaha! Yep, whenever I try to sneak out of my lounge, Lucy, my pet rabbit runs at me as if to stop me. Then she will sit and stare at me. If I didn't know better I'd say she had crossed her arms and was giving me the look of 'where the hell do you think YOU are are going?'!!!!

Sally Klingaman said...

wuaw how cute. A lot of us are owned by our pets I know I sure am by my dog Drake.
I think you should implement Coco into your books. I think he'd be a great asset to one of your stories. A sexy man with a cute bunny.

Tatum Throne said...

Coco is possessive of me! I can't believe I'm owned. I agree, Sally. I need to put Coco into one of my books! :o)