Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Temptation Tuesday!

I'm working on research for my training books. I'm learning a lot about SWAT and K-9 units. I'm hoping to get T-5 submitted this week. This is Cole's story. Training Adam [Hard Hits 3] is set to be released April 24th. It should be available for pre-order here soon. I'll keep you posted on that.

My boys are back in school this week. I'm finally getting some work done. I'm not sure how the summer is going to go. We have passes to the park near our house and go all the time in the summer to ride rides and swim. I'll probably end up doing all my writing in the evening. Or I guess I could send my boys to camp! LOL...I don't see that happening. I'm protective of my boys. My oldest has a bee allergy. Did you know that you can't test for a bee allergy?

Have a great week!


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