Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Daydreams!

My head is in the clouds. I've been accepted by another publisher! I'm waiting for my contract before I start shouting to the hillside! My vampire work was shopped around to two major pubs who passed on it and was accepted by the third! My vampire series is a M/F that I wrote years ago. I love, love this series, and I can't wait to see my characters come to life.

I have a release date for Training Ryan [Hard Hits 2]! Look for it to be released March 2nd on Bookstrand!

Training Ryan: Back Cover

Forced to dominate his professional life, Dr. Ryan Barrow has always wanted to be a sub. Late one night, Ryan flies out with the Air Care team to save wounded officer, Trent Lakeland. As the night fades away, Ryan feels heartbroken at the possibility of never seeing Trent again.

Trent is a Dom that will no longer be able to hear the words of any sub he takes. He can’t believe that a head injury has left him deaf and suddenly feeling alone. Things change when Trent is put in charge of training Ryan for his new position as a SWAT doctor.

Ryan is lovesick for Trent and secretly wants him as his Dom. As they both fight the undercurrent of passion, Ryan knows there is no way they can be together. Trent proves him wrong when he starts Ryan’s submissive training.

Ryan has given Trent his body to dominate, but can he give him his heart too?

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Well done on becoming a multi publisher author!! Training Ryan looks good......!