Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday's Balancing Act!

It's been crazy busy here lately with my family. I've been balancing all the normal medical that comes with three children having EoE. I have edits for Training Ryan [Hard Hits 2] that I'm working on, and I'm working on Training Adam [Hard Hits 3]. Balancing my time has been a priority so far this year. Things have been going well doing that! When I finish working on one thing, I go on to the next. I can honestly say, I love having speaker phone. I'm able to keep on working if I'm hold with the pharmacy or the hospital or our secondary insurance. :)

Lots of fun stuff going on and lots of day to day normal stuff that goes on for our family!

Training TJ will be out January 30th!:o)

Have a great Thursday!


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