Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday's Word of the Day!


I am so thankful for my family. Despite my three children having a chronic illness, all three are stable right now. I am thankful for that. I'm thankful too for my father's sense of humor that he passed on to me. I miss him so much, but I hear his laughter when I'm laughing. I'm so thankful for my hubby who supports me when he knows I'd rather bang my head against my desk. I'm also thankful for great friends I've made over this past year. I'm thankful for all the little moments I have every day to spend with my children, my friends, and all my family.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Jennifer Denys said...

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I am thankful for the mad woman who stalked me until I became her friend!!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweetie


Tatum Throne said...

Thanks Jen! For the record, you're the one that flew across the pond to stalk me! :o)

Jennifer Denys said...

I had to to stop you coming here......!

Tatum Throne said...

LOL...uh-huh...sure you did. You just couldn't stay away from me my stalker friend of mine! :D