Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report!

High Heat is burning up my inbox. It's ready to fly home to the publisher. I've been bad and holding on to it until deadline. I have the hardest time letting my work go. Just one more day...

In other news, the fashion police went into my closet today. Apparently, an anonymous tip was called in. You would not believe what was found! I really don't need to hold on to two pairs of witch tights that I'll only wear once a year. After the clean out, I only had one drawer filled. That was a bit of humble pie I wasn't expecting. I had the basics; jeans, cargos, T-shirts, pajamas, socks, etc...but not enough to get through the winter months. So, off to TJ Maxx I went. I found four shirts, a corduroy English blazer, and a really soft sweater.

The house is quiet with the family out rock climbing. I suppose I'll write for a little while. :)


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