Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

I had a dinner meeting with my bestie, Kelly, and my publicist, Melissa. Our waiter, James, will have a lead role in one of my new works. He was over six foot with dark hair shaved short and a voice to die for. He looked good in all black with his muscles stretching his shirt. We gave him lots of long looks as we fumbled over our menus. Yes, all thought left me as I was ordering my sides. It didn't help that we were all thinking of him with his shirt off, stretched across our table with some shots.

We chatted about James and lots of everything else as we ate. We didn't get to the work part until we were wrapping up for the night. That was fine with me. I needed the break. I've been editing for the last two weeks. Melissa gave me lots of ideas and work to do. That's her job as my publicist. I'm thinking she has earned a big bonus for Christmas.

Have a great weekend!


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