Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Temptation Tuesday!

Today is the last day before school starts for the boys. I made them chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. Their school supplies are all packed up and sitting neatly by the front door. :)

I didn't expected to feel sad about them all going to school this year, but I am. I love having them around to play with. I'm going to miss them while they're away. I can't wait for next summer and all the fun things we'll go do!

Have a happy Tuesday!



Jennifer Denys said...

Whatever will you do when they all go off to college? You can adopt me if you like and bake me cookies..... Yes?

Tatum Throne said...

My youngest was saying he wanted me to help him move out and get an apartment today. He's five. LOL...I guess it really isn't that far away!

Yes, I'll adopt you! :D