Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Temptation Tuesday!

Reading romance is often like a sweet indulgence. It's fun to get lost in the lives of two other people trying to figure it all out. I often take my hero and heroine to the edge before they realize that they're meant to be together. So, in celebration of Temptation Tuesday, I'm giving you a snippet of Stolen Moment, Enslaved & Enticed 1.

His gaze dropped to her gray silk bra with little red roses arching over the top of the cups. Its simple everyday design was as erotic as black lace. He had to get control of his thoughts before they led him down a dark and dangerous path. That had him looking away and closing his eyes. Wrong move. The feel of skin on skin was becoming too much for him. Trey snapped open his eyes and looked down at Rylie.

He could feel her skin starting to warm. The blue tint to her lips was starting to turn a rosy pink again. Trey’s gaze dropped to the swell of her breasts and blood rushed south to his cock. His dick punched against his boxers like a prize fighter testing the waters with a competitor. Come back to me, Rylie. It’s okay. You’re safe. The pendant won’t hurt you ever again. I won’t let anything hurt you again.

Stolen Moment...out August 30th!

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