Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Temptation Tuesday!

I'm teasing you with another snippet of Stolen Moment, Enslaved & Enticed 1. Enjoy!

It was a mistake to go inside before a robbery. She’d be captured on their surveillance cameras. A worker took the pendant from the locked case and brought it to a private table for a couple to see.

Rylie took two steps toward that table before she stopped short. Fear raced over her skin. They were going to buy it before she had a chance to take it. Fuck me.
Darkness clung to the piece. The piece wanted to find another victim. The curse was still alive, and it knew she was here. Its power to allure was an intoxicating, sexual rush like no other Rylie had ever experienced. Even knowing what it was, she wasn’t immune to the power it had.

She headed toward the case nearest the pendant. A flutter rippled over her skin as she moved. Rylie glanced over her shoulder and saw a man standing at the end of the case. He was watching her closely. Their gazes locked. Surprise filtered through his gaze before he shut it down.

Another shiver moved through her body. It was as though she knew him intimately and always had. Who was he?

End of Snippet!

My release date for Stolen Moment, Enslaved & Enticed 1 is August 30th! Until then, you can enjoy reading one of my other works, One Hot Night, Hot & Humid, or Rock Hard!

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Melissa said...

Sounds so good!!! Can't wait to read it!!

Tatum Throne said...

Thanks Melissa! :D