Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report!

This week is going to be busy for me. My boys go back to school soon and there are a million things to do. I'm still working on final edits for Stolen Moment. Those are due back by Wednesday. I'm going to do a complete read through today and tomorrow.

Back Cover

Archeologist Rylie Sawyer unearthed a cursed pendant that kills her family. Desperate to keep others safe, Rylie plans a heist to steal the pendant. She doesn’t plan for anyone getting in her way. She discovers that the only thing FBI agent Trey Masters is interested in is keeping her safe. Trey will stop at nothing to keep her from getting hurt, even seducing her.

Rylie finds herself ensnared in a seductive trap. She doesn't want Trey’s protection, but she finds herself wanting the man again and again. From the moment they meet, they have a powerful sexual bond that can’t be ignored. Together, they must destroy the pendant. Caught by her the scars of her past and her fear of loving, Rylie knows the only thing she can do is walk away from the man she’s fallen for. Can she convince Trey it’s the right thing for both of them?

Stolen Moment...August 30, 2012


diva donna said...

This sounds VERY interesting. You come up with the most unusual names for your Heroines and Heros. I like RYLIE and TREY. I'm sure it will be another Hot and Smokin Book. I can hardly touch my Nook these days. I just finished Cheryl's latest Scorcher and now yours o August 30th will burn me again.

Tatum Throne said...

Thanks Donna! I really love this book. It's going to be a series, which I'm excited about. :o)