Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Daydreams!

Today, I thought I'd tease you with an upcoming snippet of Stolen Moment.

Stolen Moment, Enslaved & Enticed 1

Rylie Sawyer wasn’t a thief, but she was about to become one.

Her heart hammered as she stared at the pendant through the downtown store window. She was the archeologist that unearthed it in Jordan a year ago. The window vibrated as though it were alive. Rylie reached out and smoothed her fingers across the silky, wet glass. A shiver whispered across Rylie’s chilled skin. She smoothed the wetness between her fingers. It felt like her honey spreading over a man’s cock.

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Jennifer Denys said...

Nice snippet! And enjoyed having you on my blog!


Tatum Throne said...

Thanks for having me Jen! :o)