Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday's Blog Hop & Contest!

Welcome author Jennifer Denys! Jennifer is here to talk about her latest book Wife For Three!

Jennifer will be giving away a copy of Wife for Three, a sci-fi/futuristic menage, to the person who invents the best new flora or fauna for the colony planet the story is set on. She will also include it in a future story in the series! Leave a comment for a chance to win!

Over to you Jennifer...

Tell us about yourself.

I became an author for the first time last September, and I am still astonished that my stories keep being accepted! I am English writing for an American publisher (so it can be hard to get my head around Americanisms – for instance having to change ‘take-away’ to ‘take-out’), and I live in a beautiful historical city in the UK with my pet rabbit who is the dominant one in my household and is thoroughly spoilt.

Tell us about your latest book.

It is called Wife for Three and is my first sci-fi as well as my first ménage relationship (although I did have a ménage scene in another book). It is set on the planet of Duoterra after sixty years after it has been colonized. I loved rationalizing what would happen when the colonists ran out of the resources they brought with them – how would they make clothes, grow food and so on? So I have invented a native fruit called Plumapples and ground burrowing animals called Babbits!

In my story the colonists are realizing how few women they have left due to the hard life they have embarked on which means many women have died in childbirth or due to injury or disease and they don’t have the medical facilities that they had on Earth. In fact it has become something of a patriarchal society and the men have brought in a recent law that all women must be married by the age of 23 (an age the heroine, Brianna, is shortly to reach) and polygamous marriages are allowed. The uncle of the heroine wants to marry her off to a man she doesn’t want so she runs away to answer the advert of the Hollis brothers who are looking for a wife for the three of them to share.

But it isn’t an easy marriage – jealousy rears its ugly head as does shame, betrayal, and pride. There are injuries, a trial and lots of sex scenes!!

This is the first in a series called Duoterra. I am excited thinking of the possibilities you can have in a world like this – MM relationships, men fighting over the same woman, women working in brothels, widowed women expected to marry younger men, the women protesting becoming commodities…..

It is due out in various formats on Bookstrand on 21 June (available for pre-order now). It will then be available on Amazon in late July.

What are some of the difficulties of writing ménage?

The biggest problem was making the three heroes seem like separate people so that their personalities didn’t merge into each other. In this one Adam, the eldest brother, is responsible and brooding. Curt is cocky and impatient. Eric is the peacemaker between his two elder brothers and easy going. The obvious trick is to make them different physically (one blond, one dark, one light brown haired and so on) and it is important to make sure their names don’t sound alike – I read a book once where the heroes both had names both beginning with T and it was hard going to remember which one was which. Another ploy is to make sure they use different terms of endearment for the heroine and/or have different habits.

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

I actually have more in common with the heroine of Duoterra 2 as she is an older woman, than I do Brianna. For my 50th birthday I had some erotic/nude photos to prove I could still be sexy and desirable despite middle-aged body issues. They look fabulous, even if I say so myself! I would advise every woman to have them done – it is very liberating. (I suspect, Emily, the heroine of Duoterra 2 would do something similar in the same circumstances, but alas, no photography on Duoterra!)

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

I am doing my first paranormal story which is a collaboration with Finnish writer, Susan Laine This is another ménage relationship, but MMF this time and draws on our mutual European roots as you don’t often see contemporary werewolf stories set in European. It is called The Last Werewolf and the heroine is English who thinks she is the last werewolf of the title. When Summer discovers her late mother was Finnish she goes off to Finland so see if she has any relatives and meets the two heroes, Leevi and Rik, who have had a relationship previously but both are drawn to Summer. However, before they can take this any further she is kidnapped by an extremist branch of werewolves. Are the heroes also werewolf – ah, well, you’ll have to wait and find out.

How can you fans find you on the internet?

Fans can find me on my blog/website which I post to three times a week www.Jennifer-Denys.blogspot.com
on Facebook www.facebook.com/JenniferDenys
or on Twitter www.twitter.com/JenniferDenys


Tatum Throne said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll play the game...but I'm opting out of the book! So this is just for fun!

I'd say...flora Venomous Victoria. It's a flower that can uproot itself, kill other vegitation it sees as its rival, and replants itself in the rivals spot. All done under the cover of night. I consider to be like kudzu. :o)

diva donna said...

We're thinking alike Tatum. Jenny: I'm thinking a naughty flora Dionaea Muscipula or Venus Flytrap:The leaves or lips of Venus' Flytrap open wide and on them are short, stiff hairs called trigger or sensitive hairs. When anything dares to enter or touches these hairs enough to bend them, the two lobes of the leaves snap shut trapping whatever is inside. The trap will shut in less than a second. The trap doesn't close all of the way at first.
This sounds really sexy to me.

Mellanie Szereto said...

**waving hi to Tatum, Jennifer, and Donna** :)

Sounds like a fun read!

A new species of plant or animal...How about a two-headed lizard with venom that's used as a fertility drug? Got to have something with two heads on a world with "Duo" in its name, and since the men aren't native... :D

Happy Release Day tomorrow, and best wishes for lots of sales!!!

Tatum Throne said...

*Waves* Hi Mellanie! :o)

Jennifer Denys said...

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. The competition is still open until next Tuesday. I will announce the winner on Weds over on my blog http://jennifer-denys.blogspot.co.uk/

Tatum Throne said...

Thanks Jennifer! I've enjoyed your visit! :o)