Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Temptation Tuesday 2.0!

Hot & Humid! Now available for Pre-Order! Offered at a 10% discount until July 3rd!


Back Cover:

Journalist, Brine Torin has made the biggest mistake of her career. In a moment of desperation and inebriation, she chains herself to a redwood in order to get the attention of a reluctant source, logger Thane Elam. What she gets instead is the attention of local law enforcement and Thane’s entire work crew. Brine’s been preparing for this confrontation for weeks and isn’t prepared to leave until she gets her interview and her way. She quickly discovers that the only thing Thane is interested in is teaching her is a few lessons. Stubborn and fiercely independent, Brine doesn’t plan on submitting to Thane’s demands to leave anytime soon. Caught by Thane and the scars of her past, Brine knows the only thing she can do is walk away from the man she's just met and fallen hard for. Can she convince Thane it's the right thing for both of them?

Story Excerpt:

She wanted the man’s attention but not like this.

Brine Torin just made the biggest mistake of her life and there was nothing she could do to take it back. Cold wind rippled through the tree line, causing her to shiver. The chains that locked her down to the giant sequoia rattled.

She’d been desperately foolish. Desperation could make a woman do some pretty reckless things. Strong, independent women didn’t do this type of thing. Not when they were thinking with the rational part of their brain, she reminded herself.

Oh, she was starting to feel the consequences of this bad decision.The jagged bark of the sequoia dug hard lines into Brine’s backside. She couldn’t remember the last time she had such a rough ride. She tried to get comfortable but the chain that held her wrists out to her sides had little give.

Lights flashed from the cop car in the hazy mist. She was about to be arrested. She was sure of it. She hadn’t planned on the cops being called in so soon.

She’d wanted a chance to talk to Thane Elam first. Flatbed semis snaked down the access road with tree remains stacked five high. The logger lifted his binoculars to the redwood and adjusted the scope. She blew him a taunting kiss.

The man had dodged her calls, emails and stalking visits to his office for weeks. It was now a matter of professional pride that she get this story to bed. The logger lowered the binoculars, for a second, to say something to the man next to him. Brine caught his profile and her heart did a nervous flip.

It was him.

Brine wrapped the cold chains around each wrist and set her long legs wide, ready for round one of the fight that was about to begin. She needed this story. She wanted it so bad she could taste it.

Bring. It. On.

End of Excerpt.

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