Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Daydream...I was just holding my breath mom!

We're on vacation and we were swimming yesterday in the pool. Well, the guys were swimming and I was chilling on the side of the pool. My 9 y.o. decides to see how long he can hold his breath under water while doing body rolls as though he's drowning...really.

The pool was busy with no life guard on duty. My boys are excellent swimmers. They took intensive classes for the last four years over the summer and school year. I jump up from the side of the pool and run to the edge. Me and the peanut gallery think he's drowning two feet from the side of the pool. My first reaction...mind you this really happens within split seconds.

How? He's an excellent swimmer. He must have swallowed water. I yell for my husband who's a foot away in the water and start screaming for him to get Will. He looks around like what??? Why??? I've mentally prepared to start cpr when we pull him from the water...heimlich fist...they did that water study that says it clears the lungs...then start cpr...he hasn't been under more than a minute. He's still alive...

I'm about to jump in after him when Will pops up from the water...laughing! and the peanut gallery thought for sure he was drowning! Not good to freak out the parent with the heart problems.

Will really did feel bad about giving me a scare. He was only trying to see how long he could hold his breath.


Jennifer Denys said...

HaHaHaHa - you'll have to include that in a future story somehow. I loved how you described your reaction!!!

Is the kid still alive or did you drown him for real?


Kelly said...

What a scare; I'm bummed that Will gave you a fit on your va-ca. So much energy so little time. Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

Tatum Throne said...

Oh, he's still alive! Andy thought it would've been hillarious if I jumped in fully clothed after him!!!!