Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Word of The Day!

I'm finishing up my first novel in a series today. I'll be submitting it to the publisher, then the wait begins. I always get a little sad when I finish with a set of characters that I absolutely love. Seeing my characters come to life is amazing. I can't imagine doing anything else.

Here's an excerpt of One Hot Night. You can purchase through Siren-Bookstrand!

ADULT EXCERPT: *Warning: Only for those over 18! If you are not 18, leave now!*

He offered her his hand and pulled her from the car. The cab drove away and they both stood on the sidewalk. Rain hammered down. She could still turn him down. She’d just do it inside. Men always took no for an answer and he didn’t look like the type that would take advantage of a woman. No, this man didn’t look like he ever got turned down when he handed himself over to a woman. Tonight would be the first. Maybe that would make her memorable in some way.

She dashed up the stairs to her apartment building and they were silent as they went three floors up. She slid the key into the lock, and he followed her inside. Her hand went for the light switch, and he grabbed it, stopping her from hitting the lights.

A thread of fear raced over her skin as he turned her body against the door. His mouth closed over hers and she heard the swish of the lock engaging. Sam’s heart thundered in her chest as her mind raced to figure a way out of this. His tongue swept into her mouth and her tongue fought the attack. Her body betrayed his every move. She felt her pussy clench and her panties wet. Her knees buckled as he deepened the kiss.

It was so wrong that it felt so right.

Her skin was on fire as his hands slid up her thighs and squeezed her ass once, then again. She groaned into his mouth. His hands stalked under her shirt to tweak her painfully hard nipples. Pleasure and pain flooded her senses as he rolled them between his thumb and finger. His leg moved between her thighs and she felt the thick heat of his cock aching to be released. He kept control of her nipples as he thrust his hips forward and back.

Samantha sensed the first sweet waves of her orgasm building into a feverish pitch. The sweet aching need of release made her labia swell and her clitoris pulse. His lips broke away from her mouth to travel over her neck. She rocked her hips against his thick, muscled thigh. She wanted to touch and explore his cock in the most erotic way. The miniskirt bunched up around her waist, exposing her tiny black lace bikinis. His hands rushed around her sides and down her back.

He pushed his thumb under the lace and bunched it into a thong. The silky fabric glided between the crack of her ass and spread her wet, feminine lips. He tugged on the silk and she whimpered with desire as her pussy begged. He yanked again. The silk jerked over her clit. Samantha bit into her bottom lip as his eyes locked with hers. His eyes widened slightly in surprise and then understanding.

“Look at me when you come.”

She was afraid to let go. She’d never had an orgasm with anyone before. “No.”

“Don’t fight it. Don’t fight me.”

She wanted the painful throb to shatter but she couldn’t release control of her body. “I can’t let go with you.”

“Look. At. Me. I want to see you. Don’t fight the need.”

His free hand held her chin up. She wanted what he had to offer. His gaze locked onto hers as he thumped harder on the silk. She heard a rip as the lace began to tear. “Please…don’t…stop.”

He pulled the fabric harder, shattering her body with an explosive orgasm that made her pussy pulsate out of control. Wetness drenched her panties, and he ripped them from her body. He bunched the panties up and put them inside his coat pocket.

End of Excerpt!

Enjoy your day!

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