Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report

I grew up on my grandparent's farm where I was chased by goats, rode my pony, and chased chickens out of the pool area. I spent my afternoons daydreaming in the loft of their old, weathered rustic barn. I was a free range child that lived in her head. I always had a story going on. My writing is a lot like who I am as a person, earthy and free.

When I'm working on a new story, I always seem to struggle with the right word to describe what's going on. I'm a perfectionist at heart. How else can I say rooster? Are twigs and berries okay here? What's another word for kitty cat? There has to be another word for donkey...this is my attempt at being funny. :)

When I look at a chapter of my work...I see eight other things I could've done and often wonder why did I choose this one thing? It's where the characters take me. It's their story. It's their lives. I fall in love with my hero every time I write a new story.

I hope you fall in love too.

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