Thursday, May 3, 2012

Release Day & Contest Fun!

Today is the release day for One Hot Night! For fun, I'll be giving away a e-copy! For a chance to win, leave your answer to this riddle under the comments section of my blog. The winner will be posted on my blog tomorrow!

Riddle: Who finds them hot and leaves them wet?

The person with the answer that makes me laugh out loud and is close to being right, will win! :o) Good luck! I'll even give you one hint! It could be a person, place or thing.

Here was the visual inspiration for my novel. David Beckham. You have to love a man with an accent. Enjoy!


diva donna said...

Happy Release Day Tatum!! Who finds them Hot and leaves them wet? Firemen!!! I live a block away from the firestation. I've seen a few big hoses, I'd like to hose me down!!

Tatum Throne said...

Thank you Donna! :o) You are sooooo in the lead for winning One Hot Night! LOL

Mellanie Szereto said...

Happy Release Day!

LOL, Diva Donna must have cuter firemen than the ones where I live :D

I think I'll head to the Car Wash on this hot spring day for a peak at shirtless hunks with their high-pressure hoses!

Tatum Throne said...

Thanks Mellanie! it Mellanie! Hunks with high-pressure hoses sounds like fun! :)

Nancy Bristow said...

Happy Release Day, Tatum. I should have known Diva Donna and I were on the same wavelength because "fireman" was what I was going to say. The only other things I can think of at the moment is --- in he makes my temperature rise but leaves me wet if he doesn't come over to take care of business or a swimming in skinny dipping:)

Tatum Throne said...

Thank you Nancy! :o) Diva Donna was on it!