Friday, May 25, 2012

Firemen Friday!

A good friend of mine reminded me, last week, that my love for firemen actually began when I was in high school. I'd picked my friend up in my '85 Plymouth Reliant and drove both of us to school early. I had a physics quiz I needed to study for and she was just coming along early.

This car was on its 3rd go around. It'd been through my older sister and brother. My brother drove it to school one day and forgot to lock the doors. A bum climbed into the back seat, fell asleep, and puked before he left. My brother had to drive home with the windows down and clean it up when he got home. The car had AM radio and no 8 track. We thought that was awesome! My brother would put his boom box in the back seat and play his tapes as he drove.

So, by the time Beast Master got to me, yes that was the nickname we had for it, the car had seen many better days. The car didn't like to start and made a terrible noise when it did. It leaked power steering fluid. It use to smoke when you drove it and parked it. The H on the high mark would scream to the top and then drop after a few minutes of driving. My parents thought this was okay...

I drove Beast Master to school my senior year and it was smoking like crazy. I parked and told Kelly..."it usually doesn't smoke like this." I got out and popped the hood. Flames erupted. I slammed the hood closed and yelled at Kelly to get out of the car. She was moving rather slow for my comfort level. I ran into the school building and got a fire extinguisher and a teacher to call 911. By the time I ran back outside and across the football field, a off duty firemen had pulled up in his Jeep. Yes, he was really cute. He took our fire extinguisher and started on the blaze. The firetrucks arrived just as the entire school did.

My car sat in the parking lot all day and classes took field trips out to see my car.

My mom had Beast Master towed and called them to see if they could fix it. "This crispy kritter mama?" was their reaction. My new car was a '86 Toyota Camery that would was so rusted that it would rain inside. I thought it was awesome because it didn't smoke when you drove it. :o)

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