Friday, May 11, 2012

Firemen Friday!

Okay...I promised I'd give you a run down of how my tour of the firehouse went! My friend's brother-in-law gave us the tour. Which was very nice of him! Thank you! We got to meet a Mark Zuckerberg look alike. Everyone agreed he should be out in Hollywood making a ton of money. Instead, he's saving lives...*sniff*...I suppose that's okay. He was too shy to have his picture taken. I'll work on that...

We had a ton of fun asking all of my research questions and of course playing in the trucks! I even got to turn the lights on and press the horn. Did you know it's on the floor by your left foot? I didn't!

They even had a fire pole! I was too scared! Kelly was brave enough to go down it! :)

We behaved ourselves so well...they said we can come back anytime we want!

Do we really look like we want to behave ourselves?

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