Friday, May 4, 2012

Firemen Friday!

Diva Donna is the winner of One Hot Night! I hope you enjoy the read!

Today starts Firemen Friday, where I get to celebrate all those things about firemen that I absolutely love. I know we started early yesterday, but today is the day. My love of firemen and their high pressure hoses began in 2003. I'd been waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heartbeat, SVT. My primary told me it was just palpitations at The night of July 2nd was different. It wouldn't stop racing. My husband called 911. Something was very wrong. They came in five minutes, but it felt like forever. It was then that I found out how fast my heart was trucking along. A paramedic finally diagnosed me with a problem that'd been going on off and on since 2000. Thank you!

I wasn't the best patient. *grins* In the ambulance, they were on the phone with the ER doc talking meds and they said I was 40. I was 28...I thought, if I'm going down...I'm not going down thinking I'm 40. I yelled over my shoulder, "I'm 28!" It got worse when they had to administer meds...I don't do needles at all. Insert me freaking out when they started on both arms, "You're not going to stab in the heart like Pulp Fiction, are you?"

This was what was going through my head...I've always had an over active imagination. :)

Finally...they got the first shot of medicine in me. Everyone held their felt like King Kong sitting on me. Heart beat blocked...heart stop...then back up to 260mph. VOOOM!

It took three more shots to get my heart to slow, but it wasn't until I was sitting in the ER that my heart finally chilled out. Eight weeks later I had heart surgery, ablation and I've been good. :o)

So there you go...this is why I love firemen. :o)

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