Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Balancing Act!

I have lots to do today. It is Thursday! I'm going to a picnic today with my boys. It's an end of the year event at school. The laundry will have to wait. At least the kitchen is clean.
LOL...I didn't say it was my kitchen. :o) Another pic of my brother's house.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Word of The Day!

I'm finishing up my first novel in a series today. I'll be submitting it to the publisher, then the wait begins. I always get a little sad when I finish with a set of characters that I absolutely love. Seeing my characters come to life is amazing. I can't imagine doing anything else.

Here's an excerpt of One Hot Night. You can purchase through Siren-Bookstrand!

ADULT EXCERPT: *Warning: Only for those over 18! If you are not 18, leave now!*

He offered her his hand and pulled her from the car. The cab drove away and they both stood on the sidewalk. Rain hammered down. She could still turn him down. She’d just do it inside. Men always took no for an answer and he didn’t look like the type that would take advantage of a woman. No, this man didn’t look like he ever got turned down when he handed himself over to a woman. Tonight would be the first. Maybe that would make her memorable in some way.

She dashed up the stairs to her apartment building and they were silent as they went three floors up. She slid the key into the lock, and he followed her inside. Her hand went for the light switch, and he grabbed it, stopping her from hitting the lights.

A thread of fear raced over her skin as he turned her body against the door. His mouth closed over hers and she heard the swish of the lock engaging. Sam’s heart thundered in her chest as her mind raced to figure a way out of this. His tongue swept into her mouth and her tongue fought the attack. Her body betrayed his every move. She felt her pussy clench and her panties wet. Her knees buckled as he deepened the kiss.

It was so wrong that it felt so right.

Her skin was on fire as his hands slid up her thighs and squeezed her ass once, then again. She groaned into his mouth. His hands stalked under her shirt to tweak her painfully hard nipples. Pleasure and pain flooded her senses as he rolled them between his thumb and finger. His leg moved between her thighs and she felt the thick heat of his cock aching to be released. He kept control of her nipples as he thrust his hips forward and back.

Samantha sensed the first sweet waves of her orgasm building into a feverish pitch. The sweet aching need of release made her labia swell and her clitoris pulse. His lips broke away from her mouth to travel over her neck. She rocked her hips against his thick, muscled thigh. She wanted to touch and explore his cock in the most erotic way. The miniskirt bunched up around her waist, exposing her tiny black lace bikinis. His hands rushed around her sides and down her back.

He pushed his thumb under the lace and bunched it into a thong. The silky fabric glided between the crack of her ass and spread her wet, feminine lips. He tugged on the silk and she whimpered with desire as her pussy begged. He yanked again. The silk jerked over her clit. Samantha bit into her bottom lip as his eyes locked with hers. His eyes widened slightly in surprise and then understanding.

“Look at me when you come.”

She was afraid to let go. She’d never had an orgasm with anyone before. “No.”

“Don’t fight it. Don’t fight me.”

She wanted the painful throb to shatter but she couldn’t release control of her body. “I can’t let go with you.”

“Look. At. Me. I want to see you. Don’t fight the need.”

His free hand held her chin up. She wanted what he had to offer. His gaze locked onto hers as he thumped harder on the silk. She heard a rip as the lace began to tear. “Please…don’t…stop.”

He pulled the fabric harder, shattering her body with an explosive orgasm that made her pussy pulsate out of control. Wetness drenched her panties, and he ripped them from her body. He bunched the panties up and put them inside his coat pocket.

End of Excerpt!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Temptation Tuesday!

I'm working on a scene for two of my side characters to give into temptation. They need the heroine to break the ice for them. It's a menage scene. This is for the new series I'm writing. I'm finishing up my edits on Hot & Humid today too. I want to get that sent back in sometime this week. It's supposed to rain here this morning. It's the perfect type of weather to curl up with a good book!

One Hot Night

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report!

We've had a very busy weekend. Lots of family stuff going on. I did get some editing done today before we left for my brother's house. :o)

This is me in my brother's living room. They have an amazing house!

The pool. They usually have the waterfall running off the rocks. My boys never want to leave...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sinfully Sweet Saturday!

Whip Cream...I wonder what I could do with that? Hmm...

I think I need to do some research for a scene in my new novel. :o)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Firemen Friday!

A good friend of mine reminded me, last week, that my love for firemen actually began when I was in high school. I'd picked my friend up in my '85 Plymouth Reliant and drove both of us to school early. I had a physics quiz I needed to study for and she was just coming along early.

This car was on its 3rd go around. It'd been through my older sister and brother. My brother drove it to school one day and forgot to lock the doors. A bum climbed into the back seat, fell asleep, and puked before he left. My brother had to drive home with the windows down and clean it up when he got home. The car had AM radio and no 8 track. We thought that was awesome! My brother would put his boom box in the back seat and play his tapes as he drove.

So, by the time Beast Master got to me, yes that was the nickname we had for it, the car had seen many better days. The car didn't like to start and made a terrible noise when it did. It leaked power steering fluid. It use to smoke when you drove it and parked it. The H on the high mark would scream to the top and then drop after a few minutes of driving. My parents thought this was okay...

I drove Beast Master to school my senior year and it was smoking like crazy. I parked and told Kelly..."it usually doesn't smoke like this." I got out and popped the hood. Flames erupted. I slammed the hood closed and yelled at Kelly to get out of the car. She was moving rather slow for my comfort level. I ran into the school building and got a fire extinguisher and a teacher to call 911. By the time I ran back outside and across the football field, a off duty firemen had pulled up in his Jeep. Yes, he was really cute. He took our fire extinguisher and started on the blaze. The firetrucks arrived just as the entire school did.

My car sat in the parking lot all day and classes took field trips out to see my car.

My mom had Beast Master towed and called them to see if they could fix it. "This crispy kritter mama?" was their reaction. My new car was a '86 Toyota Camery that would was so rusted that it would rain inside. I thought it was awesome because it didn't smoke when you drove it. :o)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Balancing Act!

Today is my catch up day. I have to catch up on everything...writing, editing, laundry. I might need to put my laptop on the dryer to get it all done. LOL

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Word of the Day!


I love chaos when it's all good. I received my first edits for Hot & Humid. I did one read through. I'm going to do a second before I send it back in. I really like this story. :o) I did my read through this morning before I took my five year old to get his shots for school. He was not happy. I took him to the toy store after to make both of us feel better. It was quite the ordeal.

My heroine gets chained to a redwood.

I have a release date set for June 26th for Hot & Humid!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Temptation Tuesday

I'm fascinated with the concept of temptation. Is temptation okay if used in moderation? Why is temptation considered so wrong? I often give my characters lots of moments to consider how tempted they are to do something they shouldn't be doing. Of course, they give in to temptation. It wouldn't be any fun to read if they didn't.

Click Here to Give Into Temptation

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Daydreams

I'm in it deep with my new series...I'm trying to finish it up to submit. I'm so excited about writing this. I love the concept and the characters. I know you want a I'll give you just one. The first book is about a cursed pendant.

I imagine it to have an old world feel.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report

I had an awesome time at my release party! :o) We partied late into the evening. I put my banner up on my front porch and all my neighbors slowed down to see it. Today I'm playing catch up on my writing. I have so much to do today. If only I had a personal assistant to help me get everything done today...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sinfully Sweet Saturday!

Today is my release party for One Hot Night! I have lots to do before everyone comes over. :o) In honor of this special day, I'll be posting a recipe for a food item that was featured in the novel. *grins wickedly* You'll have to read the book to find out how it's used. My heroine is a chef...and very creative.

Butter Cream Frosting

6 TBSP Butter
~4 to 5 cups powdered Sugar
1/4 cup Milk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

The trick to making a great butter cream frosting is adding the indgriedients gradually to the mixer. Add about half of the powdered sugar to the butter. Mix until light and fluffy. Add remaining ingriedients slowly. I taste as I go. For chocolate frosting add ~2 TBSP of powdered cocoa.

Follow the links on the side to buy! Have a great weekend!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Firemen Friday!

My neighbor had a house fire on Martin Luther King day this past year. There was a knock on my front door and my 5 year old looked out to see the neighbor kid with no shoes and no coat. It was freezing out that day. I asked him what was going on...he said his house was on fire. I looked down the street and saw his brother standing on the front porch.

This is where my ultra-calm social work background kicked in. I asked him if it was a big fire or small one. Big. Where was it? Kitchen. We have gas lines...insert overactive imagination. I asked him if they called the fire department...not yet. At this point smoke is billowing from the front of their house. The three boys live with their grandmother. I'm picturing her on the floor...I run for the phone and make the call. I'm on the phone giving the details and they're asking me lots of questions.

I interupted the dispatcher to tell them I have to get down there...there were kids on the front porch. I rushed five houses down and was surprised the phone reached all the way. At this point, I hear the sirens in the distance, but they were a ways off. I look inside and smoke is ceiling to floor. No smoke alarm going off. They didn't have them up. *cringe* I start yelling at the two boys and their friend to get out of the house.

I then start yelling for their grandmother to get out. Silence. I was not going in there unless I had to. Seconds tick by...finally she comes walking out. At this point we were drawing the neighbor crowd, but suddenly I was the one in charge. I found out later the grandmothr was inside fighting the fire. Don't ever do that...the smoke is toxic...let the professionals take care of it.

I get everyone out of the house and the first responders show up. They ask me if everyone is out of the house, and I turn around to see that the grandmother had slipped back inside to check on the fire. Insert moment of panic for the poor cop I had to tell...he runs in.

The firemen show up and save the day. I tell the dispatcher that everyone is there and I have to get home. My three boys are by themselves...we don't want another emergency today.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Balancing Act

Thursday is my catch up day before the weekend. I don't like to do laundry or cleaning on Saturdays. I'd rather do something fun and relaxing. So today is laundry and cleaning. Oh...and lots of writing. :o)

This is what I look like when I'm at my computer working hard or hardly working!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's Word of the Day!


I often wonder, as I'm writing, if there are ways my characters can be alluring without wearing something sexy. My characters usually start off wanting the opposite things, so it makes for lots of drama. My hero has to entice my heroine to want to be with them. That means he has to turn on the charm.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Temptation Tuesday

I know you're tempted to buy it! :o)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Daydreams

Story ideas usually begin with what my character does for a living. If I have that framework, the rest falls into place. I've been doing a lot of research on fire fighting and the lives of fire fighters. A good friend of mine suggested that I make my heroine a firefighter. I loved the idea. :o)

So, yesterday when I got home from camp, my Star magazine was waiting for me. I open it up and...Bam! My story hit me. The story idea, plot construction, and love interest wrote itself in less than a minute. Now comes the fun part...I must translate it to paper. I'm in the muddle of a new series I really need to finish writing. It's speaking very loudly to me. So, where does my fire fighting project fall into place? I can't just write one about fire fighting...that would just be a let down. How can I do it all? I need to figure this out.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday's Camp Report

We survived camp! I did not do the ropes course and zip line, even though I harnessed up and got all my climbing gear on. I am terrified of heights and it was a really long way down. My hubby, AJ, ended up having to pair up with another group. I'm waiting on the pics...I hope to post them soon. Our son had a great time. The kids did rock climbing, hiking, and arts and crafts. I did not get any sleep. I came home this afternoon and got a nap.
This is Wil getting messy in the creak.
This is us at arts and crafts.
The guys working on their masterpiece.
Wil is amazing. He was born with a rare autoimmune disease. Severe food allergies cause his entire esophagus to close. I love being his mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sinfully Sweet Saturday

I'm posting a little earlier than I normally do. :) We're running off to camp this weekend. Today's Sinfully Sweet is Chocolate Fondue. I make this for parties and everyone loves it!

Chocolate Fondue

4 ounces Semi-Sweet Chocolate
2 ounces chocolate chunks
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
Dash of vanilla
1/2 tsp instant coffee
Sprinkle of sea salt on top

I usually make it stove top and add it to my fondue pot. You can heat in the fondue pot if you like. Heat cream, add chocolate until melted. Turn off burner. Mix in vanilla and coffee.

Dip everything! My favorite is angel food cake and strawberries. Sprinkle with sea salt. Enjoy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Firemen Friday!

Okay...I promised I'd give you a run down of how my tour of the firehouse went! My friend's brother-in-law gave us the tour. Which was very nice of him! Thank you! We got to meet a Mark Zuckerberg look alike. Everyone agreed he should be out in Hollywood making a ton of money. Instead, he's saving lives...*sniff*...I suppose that's okay. He was too shy to have his picture taken. I'll work on that...

We had a ton of fun asking all of my research questions and of course playing in the trucks! I even got to turn the lights on and press the horn. Did you know it's on the floor by your left foot? I didn't!

They even had a fire pole! I was too scared! Kelly was brave enough to go down it! :)

We behaved ourselves so well...they said we can come back anytime we want!

Do we really look like we want to behave ourselves?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Balancing Act

I have a million things to do today. At the top of the list is laundry and packing. If the laundry doesn't get done's over. We have camp this weekend with my nine year old. All three of my boys have a rare, genetic autoimmune disorder. They discovered the gene for it last year. This year my middle son is going to camp to meet other children his age with the same disease. He's excited. I'm bringing the ear plugs so I can get some sleep.

I'll be putting the cookie down for the weekend for some camping fun! :o) Is it Firemen Friday yet?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's Word of The Day


I'm not a naturally seductive person. I'm shy. I have to work at it. I have to be in the right frame of mind, and I have to have a plan. I suppose it has to do with our confidence in our body and how to work it that turns our lover on. Most of the time seduction comes across as silly for me.

I know you want to see the rest of the pictures from my tour. You'll have to wait until Friday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Temptation Tuesday

As a romance writer, I've been facinated with the concept of temptation lately. Temptation hits me a lot during the day. I stare longingly at the cookie brownie bars I made on Sunday...I give in. I think about how I can make them better homemade. Then I think about the chocolate chip cookies I'll be making later today. They'll be a Big Thank You to the firehouse that's letting me get a behind the scenes view for my research later tonight. It's raining here today...I hope they don't have a run.

Let's push the button...who's with me?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Daydreams-1, 2, 3, 4

I have an overactive imagination. It's fun to let your imagination run wild and have a wonderful fantasy going on. It's even more fun when fantasy comes to life. This happened for me when my neighbor had a grill fire two years ago. My neighbor, chef Rose, missed all the fun. :( After calling 911, my other neighbor Kara called me to tell me the fire department was on the way. Her husband had managed to set the grill ablaze and it was too close to the house. My front yard became the neighborhood staging ground for a good show.

Two trucks showed up first, the police department, two SUV's with tatical equipment, and then the off duty/volunteer guys who live around the street drove over. This is where the story gets good, for me. I recognized one of the firemen from chuch and yes he caught me staring at him. They're firemen they should be use to it, right? Anyway, this firemen didn't look away. So, for research purposes...I decided to play eye war. I counted the seconds that ticked! I won! Can you imagine holding eye contact with someone you don't know for that long?

And to answer the question you're dying to ask...yes he was hot. By the time he showed, the other first responders had put the fire out. it Firemen Friday yet?

The grill didn't make it, but their house was fine!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Farm Report

I grew up on my grandparent's farm where I was chased by goats, rode my pony, and chased chickens out of the pool area. I spent my afternoons daydreaming in the loft of their old, weathered rustic barn. I was a free range child that lived in her head. I always had a story going on. My writing is a lot like who I am as a person, earthy and free.

When I'm working on a new story, I always seem to struggle with the right word to describe what's going on. I'm a perfectionist at heart. How else can I say rooster? Are twigs and berries okay here? What's another word for kitty cat? There has to be another word for donkey...this is my attempt at being funny. :)

When I look at a chapter of my work...I see eight other things I could've done and often wonder why did I choose this one thing? It's where the characters take me. It's their story. It's their lives. I fall in love with my hero every time I write a new story.

I hope you fall in love too.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sinfully Sweet Saturday

Sinfully Sweet Saturday

I love to bake. My absolutely favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. Here is my recipe and the tricks I’ve learned to make yummy cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1/2 cup of margarine
1/c cup of shortening
3/4 cup of granulated sugar
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. baking soda
a dash of vanilla
2 and 1/2 cups of flour
1 bag of chocolate chips

Drop by small, rounded tsps. onto pan.

Bake 375̊ For 8-10 minutes, or until edges and tops start to brown.

Tricks: Immediately remove from baking pan to cool on wire rack. Cool for 2 minutes and place into airtight container. Cookies will stay soft and fresh for several days. I’ve also found that shiny pans work great for getting the cookies to bake up.

Have a Sinfully Sweet Saturday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Firemen Friday!

Diva Donna is the winner of One Hot Night! I hope you enjoy the read!

Today starts Firemen Friday, where I get to celebrate all those things about firemen that I absolutely love. I know we started early yesterday, but today is the day. My love of firemen and their high pressure hoses began in 2003. I'd been waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heartbeat, SVT. My primary told me it was just palpitations at The night of July 2nd was different. It wouldn't stop racing. My husband called 911. Something was very wrong. They came in five minutes, but it felt like forever. It was then that I found out how fast my heart was trucking along. A paramedic finally diagnosed me with a problem that'd been going on off and on since 2000. Thank you!

I wasn't the best patient. *grins* In the ambulance, they were on the phone with the ER doc talking meds and they said I was 40. I was 28...I thought, if I'm going down...I'm not going down thinking I'm 40. I yelled over my shoulder, "I'm 28!" It got worse when they had to administer meds...I don't do needles at all. Insert me freaking out when they started on both arms, "You're not going to stab in the heart like Pulp Fiction, are you?"

This was what was going through my head...I've always had an over active imagination. :)

Finally...they got the first shot of medicine in me. Everyone held their felt like King Kong sitting on me. Heart beat blocked...heart stop...then back up to 260mph. VOOOM!

It took three more shots to get my heart to slow, but it wasn't until I was sitting in the ER that my heart finally chilled out. Eight weeks later I had heart surgery, ablation and I've been good. :o)

So there you go...this is why I love firemen. :o)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Release Day & Contest Fun!

Today is the release day for One Hot Night! For fun, I'll be giving away a e-copy! For a chance to win, leave your answer to this riddle under the comments section of my blog. The winner will be posted on my blog tomorrow!

Riddle: Who finds them hot and leaves them wet?

The person with the answer that makes me laugh out loud and is close to being right, will win! :o) Good luck! I'll even give you one hint! It could be a person, place or thing.

Here was the visual inspiration for my novel. David Beckham. You have to love a man with an accent. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sister Lese! She happens to share a birthday with The Rock! I wrote this awesome book for your birthday! ;) I hope you love it!