Thursday, March 31, 2016

Release Day for sexy erotic Training Hunter!!!

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Training Hunter [Hard Hits 13] is now available for purchase! I'm super excited to share Hunter's story with you! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Training Hunter [Hard Hits 13] is now on pre-order!!!

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Training Hunter is now on pre-order!!! I'm super excited to share Hunter's story with everyone! I hope everyone having a great day!!!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Release Day!! Chosen [Titan Year 6]!!!

Morning friends!! Today Chosen [Titan Year 6] releases!!! I'm super excited to share Tarik's story with you! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. I really had a hard time letting this one go. :)

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cover Reveal: Chosen [Titan Year 6]!!

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Chosen [Titan Year 6] will be releasing this week! I'm super excited to have another book out in my Titan series!! The next book in the series will feature Dr. Brandon Yale finally finding love! I'm currently writing Brandon's story.

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Back Cover:

When decorated Royal Guardsmen Tarik Monat is assigned to protect a heavily pregnant Prince Tavek and his human, Ryan, he never imagines running from the Titan. Whispered rumors of a mutiny endanger the future king’s family. Fleeing to Earth, the surfacer encounters severe turbulence. With the Prince’s family at stake, he jettisons the life pod. After crash landing, Tarik has little chance of survival.

NASA scientist Quad Wexler is ex-military, working to figure out the anomalies occurring at their satellite research facility. When he hears an explosion in the night, he races through the jungle to get to the river’s edge where he finds an alien. He quickly discovers that they will need each other to survive.

As Tarik gets closer to the human, he realizes how long he’s denied himself of a lover. Desperate, Tarik has chosen Quad to mate with. Will the human male have him or will he be repulsed by what he is?

Cover Reveal: Training Hunter [Hard Hits 13]!

Dear Friends,

I have a new book with Siren Publishing coming out at the end of March 2016!! I'm so excited to get back to my LEO's!

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Back Cover:

When Officer Hunter Wolfson is ordered by Chief Rask for SWAT training, he balks at the command. A geek at heart, he prefers to do his job in tech support behind the scene.

Lt. Phoenix Drake has one job to do—to get Hunter ready for the field. After the first session, he realizes that Hunter will do everything in his power to fail his SWAT training. Determined to find out what’s going on, he crosses the line with Hunter. Will Hunter become his submissive or will he have to use every trick in the book to seduce him to his bed?

Hunter knows that Phoenix will bolt once he finds out about his past. He just can’t take the pain of another broken heart. As he pushes Phoenix away, he quickly discovers that he’s making the biggest mistake of his life. Will his Dom forgive him and take him back before it’s too late?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Men for Hire Release Day!!

Morning friends! I'm getting a late start here. My son is home sick today. I'm also enjoying my release day. Men for Hire Anthology 2 is out! You can find my short story Subcontractor in there!

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Luminosity Publishing



It was easy for Owen to see that Peter’s heart was hammering hard. His breath came in and out in short hard stutters. It was as though he had run a very long race and was finally coming to the finish line.

“You don’t want to do this with me.”

“What exactly are you afraid of?”

“I think you know exactly what I’m frightened of. You know that this isn’t a good idea.”

Owen pressed his palm against the wall next to Peter’s head. He looked him directly in the eyes, seeing the hazel blue of his dance with fear. “I’m a man who likes to make mistakes. I think you’re a mistake worth making.”

“Not going to happen.”

“Yes it is. Because I’m a Dom, and I’m going to make you my submissive.”

Laughter dance through Peter’s eyes but it quickly dissipated. “We are not doing this.”

“We can dance around this all you want, but it’s going to happen eventually. I know you want me.”

Peter closed his eyes as Owen lifted his hand to brush the back of his fingers across his jaw. A shiver raced through his body, and he moaned slightly. It was as though his mind was finally catching up with his body and he was going to accept what was about to happen. With his palm open, Owen smoothed the front of his hand down over Peter’s neck. He tightened his hold ever so gently, showing Peter he was in charge. Peter’s eyes flew open and locked with his. A gasp of surprise parted his lips. He wet them with his tongue nervously. There was something really sexy about the way the man licked his lips. There was something innocent about the move, too. Peter was sexy as hell and didn’t know the type of effect he was having on Owen.

Owen leaned in close, pressing his lips against Peter’s ear. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

“That sounds like a threat.”

“That’s a promise.”

End of Excerpt

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Release Day!!! Prisoner [Gladiators of Gelvek 2]!!!

Morning friends!! So sorry to be blogging this late. The electrician was here and the power was on and off for a few hours. Older house equals lots of time rewiring. There is an end in sight to the rewiring. We have half the kitchen and part of the living room to do and then we'll be done!

Today, is my release day for Prisoner. This is Kelin's story. I think you'll love it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope everyone is having a great day! And THANK YOU for buying my book!!! It means the world to me.

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Luminosity Publishing

Back Cover

Available Thursday 10th September
What would you do if gladiators held you prisoner?

It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Trevor Sley’s job is to save the world, and he’s failed. All quadrants will go dark in six months. After working a long night, Trevor is accused of murdering his missing roommate, Hunter. With no choice, he runs … right into a wormhole.
Kelin is a seasoned gladiator who sees a human cross through a wormhole. Defying the Elite, he goes after the imprisoned male. He’s going to need this human to milk his venom after fights or he could die from the toxicity. Will the male obey willingly or will he have to chain him?

Life on Gelvek is dangerous. Trevor quickly discovers that he needs Kelin to survive. Despite their intense attraction, he is afraid of the gladiator. Will his gladiator live or will he lose him and their unborn child in the arena?
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot alien gladiator sex with males from Earth and male pregnancy.



The alien’s command sent a shiver down his spine. He slowly eased out of his jeans and torn shirt. The room was cool and made his nipples pebble hard. He saw the way the alien looked him up and down as though he were interested in what he was seeing. He was well muscled from years of working out. As the water started to fill the tub, the alien turned back to it and added something to the water.

“Get in.”

Trevor did as commanded and sat into the water. He felt all his aching muscles ease. The alien looked at him, pouring something into the water that made it even hotter. Trevor sighed, easing his hurting muscles into the water. To his surprise, his cock got rock hard, sticking up over his abdomen. The gladiator looked at his cock as it swelled against his abs. Embarrassment had heat moving up over

Trevor’s neck. He couldn’t remember any man looking at him that way.
He was a man used to his privacy and this felt so invasive and oddly arousing. The alien went over to the wall, got a soft cloth and came back. “Here. For you. I will be in the other room when you’re finished.”

Trevor was disappointed when the alien left. He wanted him there. He wanted him to watch. He wanted to feel the alien’s gaze upon him as he stroked his cock off hard. That thought had him running his hand down his abdomen and over his swollen prick, giving it several stroking pulls. Before he could help it, he was lost in the feel of his hand slowly twisting and pulling up and down over his prick. He moaned softly and heard it echo within the room. He bit his lip, trying to suppress the urge to groan a second time.


He liked the sound of the alien gladiator’s name upon his tongue and wanted to hear it again. He moaned a second time, biting his lip and trying to keep from being too loud. The water sloshed against the tub. Before he could stop it from happening, he heard the alien enter the room.

“Are you all right?”

He froze when he saw what Trevor was doing. He licked his lips nervously. His animalistic eyes looked as though they were unsure what he was going to do. “Are you in need?”

Trevor bit his lip. He was so far off the edge that he nodded his head once. The gladiator rushed across the room and pulled him up out of the water, giving him a hard kiss. The heat of his forked tongue moved across his mouth. He tasted exotic, pure and raw. Sensations rushed through his body as he felt the alien’s big hands grab his ass and pull him against his body. It was all too much.

The feel of his cock rubbing against the soft fabric of the gladiator’s clothing nearly sent him over the edge.
Kelin reached down, stroking his cock several times. Trevor loved the feel of it vibrating in his palm. Trevor grabbed powerfully onto the alien. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. Kelin stroked him harder and harder. He picked him up, swinging his legs up into his arms. As he did, the alien’s mouth descended upon his cock and sucked him in hard. The feel of his cock disappearing into the alien’s mouth was too much.

“Slow. I’m going to come.”

A moan vibrated through the gladiator’s mouth, sending vibrations down his cock. It was all the pressure he needed. As Kelin sucked, Trevor came hard. His dick pulsated roughly, sending wave after wave of jizz down the alien’s throat. Kelin moaned, sucking wildly as though he was surfacing from a long time in the desert. He groaned, taking all of him in deep.

End of Excerpt